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Hettie's Stories

What People Are Saying:

"Your tales were a joy to experience with you, as each story took on a life of its own in the telling. I commend you for working to preserve the art of oral story-telling and for sharing the life lessons inherent in a good story. "
Dianne Givens, Craig County Tourism Commissioner, Main Street Days
"I really was amazed by the way you caught the attention of the teenagers. I've honestly never heard that group that quiet. Nor have I heard them be that involved when you asked for volunteers and feedback from the audience."
Amanda Kinser, Cave Spring High School
"You were inspiring to others to use storytelling in all areas of the content,…grades k-12. The use of visualization to begin the story was great."
Sophie Wall, Hidden Valley High School




The Blue Morpho is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. When seen eating on fruit it may be overlooked, for when closed it is mostly browns with some eyespots. It is very shy yet when seen in flight, the Morpho is one of the most beautiful sights one can imagine.  The flapping wings create a fine blend of bright, iridescent blue and dull brown colors, just like bringing the blue of the sky and the browns of the earth together in a dance of joy.  Even as a caterpillar, the Blue Morpho embraces color, for it is reddish brown with green spots.  However, it is the metamorphosis of this  creature to the beautiful, fragile, large blue butterfly that makes me think of how stories can also bring about morphing, or change. For the stories we share that come from our lives, lessons, loves and passions can transform the listeners and bring such joy, again and again, and perhaps even change.
“Who dreams the dream of the Blue Morpho and feels his soul being changed again”      T.Clark



Hettie Barnes is a Virginia Storytelling Alliance Member

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